Sam Lardner: lead vocals and spanish guitars

Jordi Franco: bass


Guest performers:

Pere Foved: drums                                             Meet Pere

Rob Morsberger: piano                                     About Rob


Sam Lardner


There you go again

Looking like golden sunshine

There you go again


Fragment from the heavens

Walking through my world

Secret source of early morning light…


There you go again

You and that Irish raincoat

There you go again

Always on time

Laughing at the rain

Banishing the blues

That were turning all my major chords to minor…


Warm me with your sun

Wash me with your rain

Cure me with a wind that knows your name

Fill my skies with thunder

Bless my ground with snow

Every day another way to go…


There you go again

Hanging a right on Main Street

There you go again

Breaking my heart

Taker of my breath

Keeper of my soul

Wondering why I never say, “Hello”…

Sam's notes...

This song is directly influenced by a song titled "Suelto" by French artist, Bernardo Sandoval. He achieves a rainy-day-in-Paris feeling with his music that is just delicious. I thought it would be fun to establish a similar feeling in this song's introduction and then break that mood, like sun bursting through a cloud, by changing into a major key. Not sure whether it worked or not, but I love playing and singing this song.


Pere Foved showed his enormous versatility by laying down some very fine rainy day brushes on the snare, and Jordi Franco demonstrated why he is one of Spain's most sought-after bass players.


In a moment of supreme generosity, inspiration and love, Rob Morsberger recorded his brilliant piano track in Croton-On-Hudson, New York, months before passing away agfter a long bout with cancer. It is impossible to perform this song without thinking of him, and we miss him very much.