Sam Lardner: lead vocals and spanish guitar

Pedro Hermosilla: lead spanish guitars and vocals

Jordi Franco: bass

Juan Flores: percussion and "palmas"

Sandra Sangiao: backing vocals and "palmas"

Nuna Garcia: backing vocals and "palmas"


Guest performers:


Dani Figueras: flamenco guitar                              Meet Dani

Dan Posen: mariachi trumpets                                Meet Dan





He’s got looks that books take pages to tell

Got a face to make you fall on your knees

He’s got money in the bank to thank and I guess

You could think he was living at ease


Like a lover on the open shore – what’s the matter?

When you’re sitting there with so much more – what’s the matter?

While you’re wondering who the hell to be

Are you wishing you were older like me?


Blame it on the girls who know what to do

Blame it on the boys who keep hitting on you

Blame it on your mother for things she said

Blame it on your father but you know he’s dead

Blame it on the girls, blame it on the boys

Blame it on the girls, blame it on the boys


Life could be easy but you never fail

To complicate it every single time

You could have children and a wife a perfect little life

But you blow it on a bottle of wine


Like a baby you’re a stubborn child – what’s the matter?

Always looking for an axe to grind – what’s the matter?

While you’re wondering what the hell to do

We're all wishing we were lucky like you!



Sam's notes...

I was first introduced to the music of Mika by my 11 year old daughter, Mia. I was immediately struck by the genius of this young British star. His music had all the fun of the Beatles, the harmonic scope of Queen, the melodic power of Elton John, and yet he came across very much as his own idiosyncratic self. This song's message caught me by surprise when I first heard it on the radio, and I knew right away that it would be a gas to propose it as a rumba cover tune to the band. Sandra Sangiao and Nuna Garcia ate the backing vocals alive, and Juan Flores developed the quirky guitar/percussion feel. All in all, a team effort.


Thanks to Dan Posen for adding the tasty mariachi horns and to Dani Figueras for somehow tying it all together with the flamenco guitar. No easy task!