Sam Lardner: lead vocals

Pedro Hermosilla: spanish guitars

Jordi Franco: bass

Juan Flores: percussion and "palmas"

Sandra Sangiao: backing vocals and "palmas"

Nuna Garcia: backing vocals and "palmas"


Guest performers:

Dani Figueras: flamenco guitar                      Meet Dani

Miguel Fernandez: flamenco vocals           Meet Miguel


Miguel appears courtesy of Nat Team Media

LIKE SPRINGSTEEN (rumba)      

Sam Lardner


Half way to Jaca in northern Aragon

Another fiesta in that high old town

Through these mountains one small van

Bumps along the winding road in this god-forsaken land


The road is climbing, and my hands look old

That golden valley seems a long way down

I’m on a high wire between earth and air

Both eyes on the broken line, white crosses everywhere


I’m not king of the world like Springsteen, but I was born in the USA

I got bit in the leg by a gypsy dog, and I’ve never been the same

I’m not the same tryin’ to write these songs

I’m not the same, losin’ my mind as I go along


Fallen castles lie at every turn

Walls in shambles on the hills of time

Squandered fortunes, failed campaigns

I’m at home in the graveyard of the golden age of Spain




Tonight when that silver moon shines over the peak of Candanchú

And they sing, and they dance, and they shout to the ever-loving sky

All drunk and euphoric as another year goes by… Je, le, le, le, le .....



Sam's notes...

This song reflects the spirit of the entire project. It is an amalgam of cultures and musical colors. It is a reflection of what it feels like to be an american artist lost in the haunted backroads of Spain. It speaks to the end of one adventure and the beginning of another, to the point at which one journey stops making sense and another is emerging on the horizon. 


The world of flamenco is a rich and beautiful one, one that has brought me great inspiration and enjoyment during my 15 years of living in Barcelona. But I will forever be a respectful visitor to that world. I will never pretend to be a part of it or even come close to fully understanding it. In the world of flamenco, I am but a wide-eyed tourist.


The soaring voice of cantaor Miguel Fernandez provides the perfect introduction to this song. The chorus is a variation of a bridge from a spirited rumba by Rosario Flores called "Cayetano" that I heard one morning in the market in our neighborhood. When I began writing the melody of the song to a rhythmic track that Pedro Hermosilla had sent me, Bruce Springsteen was announcing his intention to play two sold-out shows in Barcelona, and the idea of the title just jumped into mind. The Boss has been one of my idols since college, and the world is a better place because of him. Still, the contrast between where I was at that moment and where he was at that moment struck me as funny and definitely worth exploring in a song. Viva the Boss! Viva España!