Sam Lardner: lead vocals and spanish guitar

Pedro Hermosilla: lead spanish guitars and vocals

Jordi Franco: bass

Juan Flores: percussion and "palmas"

Sandra Sangiao: backing vocals and "palmas"

Nuna Garcia: backing vocals and "palmas"


Guest performers:

Giel Branker: heavenly vocals                          Meet Giel

Pere Foved: drums                                             Meet Pere

Ernesto BriceƱo: violin and violan           Meet Ernesto

Joan Antoni Pich: cello                         Meet Joan Antoni

Mara Barros: vocals and "palmas"                 Meet Mara

MINUTE BY MINUTE (por tanguillos)

Michael McDonald and Lester Adams


Hey, don't worry, I've been lied to

I've been here many times before

Girl don't you worry, I know where I stand

I don't need this love, and I don't need your hand

I know I could turn, blink, and you'd be gone

I must be prepared anytime to carry on

But minute by minute by minute by minute

I keep holding on
Minute by minute by minute by minute

I keep holding on


You would stay just to watch me, darling

Wilt away on lies from you

Can't stop the habit of living on the run

I take it all for granted like you're the only one

Living on my own, somehow that sounds nice

You think I'm your fool, well you may just be right


'Cause minute by minute by minute by minute

I keep holding on
Minute by minute by minute by minute

I keep holding on


Call my name, and I'll be gone

You'll reach out, and I won't be there

Just my luck you'll realize

You should spend your life with someone

You could spend your life with someone

Minute by minute by minute by minute

I keep holding on....

Sam's notes...

This is one of the great Doobie Brothers hits that filled my childhood ears with the positive frequency that made the Doobies so successful. Michael McDonald is one of my true heroes, and I have always wanted to cover something written by him. Javier Ruibal is far and away my favorite contemporary Spanish singer songwriter. His voice is absolutely dazzling, and his compositions are extremely powerful. His live CD Pension Triana, is a top 10 classic for me, and I wanted to reflect a bit of the influence he has had on me at some point in this project. When Juan Flores and I were noodling around with ideas for tanguillos, I just happened to hear Minute By Minute on the radio (not all that easy to do in Spain), and the rest was high fives. McDonald meets Ruibal!


Pedro Hermosilla did a majestic job of bridging the gap between the original and the flamenco version with his guitar arrangements, and Marcel Botella created a super string arrangement that brought the song to a higher place, particularly with his pizzicato section after the bridge.


As we were doing all of this, the Alabama Gospel Choir happened to be performing in the Palau de la Musica in Barcelona. Katherine and I took the kids to a performance in which we all stood on our seats for the last three numbers to join the gospel delirium. After the show, we met one of the star soloists, Giel Branker, who mentioned she was staying in Barcelona after the tour ended. I invited her to the studio with her brother Carlton Branker, and she graciously acquiesced. She did a few warmup takes of Minute By Minute, cautiously and respectfully feeling her way through the new flamenco rhythms. Tanguillos seem simple at first, but they involve a 6/8 time structure with the emphasis on 5 that can get your wires crossed pretty quickly. Finally, Carlton stepped in and said, "Giel, stop thinking and take it to church!". The rest was history. Thanks, Giel, for your heart, your soul and your generosity. You truly transformed this song.