Sam Lardner: lead vocals and spanish guitar

Pedro Hermosilla: lead spanish guitars and vocals

Jordi Franco: bass

Juan Flores: percussion and "palmas"

Sandra Sangiao: backing vocals and "palmas"

Nuna Garcia: backing vocals and "palmas"


Guest performers:


Pere Foved: drums                                           Meet Pere


Andreu Martinez: acoustic guitar                   Meet Andreu


Peter Calo: electric guitar                                     Meet Peter


Sam Lardner


I want to be with you alone tonight

With all the little things that make me feel alive

Like sharing a plate of olives

On a terrace with a view


Don’t say your busy, baby, don’t say you’re tired

Don’t say you’re anything, I need you by my side

You been keeping my world together

While I’m howling at the moon


Oh baby, I can’t get my mind off you

Things that you say, things that you do

I must lay these eyes on you tonight

At a table for two


I promise nothing but the best of times

I’ll buy you roses from that crazy little guy

I’ll say “yes” to the wandering trio

And they’ll play your favorite song




I want you like a salad with big ripe tomatos and feta

I need you after work tonight

The sooner the better


I love your lips, I love the way you chew

I love that v-neck and your butterfly tatoo

I love swishing the wine around our mouths

And kissing like fools



Sam's notes...

Not too much to say about this one. If you have ever been down to Barcelona's Port Vell, you have probably lived the unique experience of eating at one of the many outdoor terraces along the beach or facing the harbor. While I have been asked by both my wife and my mother-in-law exactly whom I was writing about, this song is most definitely written for my wife Katherine. Our relationship began at downtown terraces and tapas bars, and there is still something so satisfying about sharing a plate of olives at a table with a view. The reference to a butterfly tattoo came from first book of Stieg Larsson's awesome trilogy, "The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo", which I was reading when I wrote the song. 


Pere Foved provides the tasteful drum work that drives this song. Andreu Martinez brings the song to another level with his fine acoustic solo and detail work thereafter, and Peter Calo helps the song up and out with his subtle but deadly muted string electric guitar effect in the final verse and choruses. Thanks to both of them for their gracious input.